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High Dining Table


A high dining table is, by definition, a table that is higher than the traditional dining room table height. Some of these dining tables are only slightly higher than a typical table, but some of them are a lot higher… even as high as a kitchen counter top.

These types of high dining tables must use stools or higher chairs, as regular dining room chairs are way too small to be utilized on a table like this.

High dining tables come in a wide variety of styles, are made from many different materials, and can look very different. The wooden styles can be painted or stained, while dining tables made of other materials, like plastic or metal, can be painted to be pretty much any color you could possibly want.

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High dining table sets usually come in 3, 5, or sometimes 9 piece sets. The most common are standard 5 piece sets, which include four chairs (of the appropriate height), and the table. The size of the set you buy will greatly depend on your needs and on your available dining room space. For example, buying a 3 piece dining set would not be very helpful if you are a family of four, but if you have a very small dining room, a 5 piece set will utilize space better then a 9 piece set will.

As far as materials go, most high dining room tables are wood. Either they are solid wood, or they are some kind of wooden composite that is surfaced with a piece of laminate or some other kind of surfacing material.

The more you pay for a wooden dining table, the more hardwood you will get on your table. In fact, a hardwood table is worth the money if you are willing to spend it, both cosmetically and structurally. It will not only look better, but it will last longer as well. Hardwood high dining tables will be in fine working condition long after many composite dining room tables have been worn out.

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As far as a finish goes, you will probably be getting a stained wood finish on yours, as this is what most of them have. Other alternatives are paint and/or a natural finish...these are all semi-popular, but not as popular as stained finishes are. If you go shopping for a high dining table, you will probably get a stained one, because not only are they low maintenance, but they look very nice as well.

One of the main things to consider about your high table is the quality. A high dining table is something that needs to have a high-quality structure underneath, or else it is just going to break under normal stress and strain of day-to-day use.

So, even if it costs a little bit more, get one that you know is going to last you instead of one that is just cheaply made to have a low price tag. Low price tags are not worth much once the rest of the table joins them in the garbage dumpster!

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